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How to Log into Webmail

Webmail is a handy feature of cPanel. It allows the user to manage their email from remote locations that are connected to the internet.

Access webmail using a direct link

Type any of the following URLs into your browser's address bar.

1. Direct Link

2. Webmail Port: You can also access webmail through the webmail port 2095:
(You should replace with your website's URL.)

3. Sneaky shortcut: Throw a slash and the word 'webmail' behind your domain.
(You should replace with your website's URL.)

Logging into Webmail

Once you go to any of the addresses above, you will need your full email address and password to login.

  1. In the Email Address field, type your full email address (e.g.
  2. In the Password field, provide the password which you provided when the email account was created.

You should substitue your domain name for

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