How to Print an Electronic Invoice Print

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Cortez Web Services has moved to online invoicing for all of our products and services. If you prefer to receive a paper copy of your invoice, you can easily print electronic invoices from Cortez Web Services. Here's how to do it.

Step 1

Log in to your client account via the Customer Portal. This is the same account you can log into to view and pay invoices or manage your products and services.

Step 2

Once you have logged into your account, you can view your invoices by clicking on the 'Invoices' icon from the dashboard area.

View Invoices

Alternatively, you can access your invoices by clicking on the 'Unpaid Invoices' module, beneath the large icons at the top of the dashboard area.

View all unpaid invoices

Step 3

From this screen, click on the invoice in the list of invoices that you wish to view and print.

View individual invoices
Once you are viewing the individual invoice, look for the large 'Print' and 'Download' buttons at the bottom of the invoice.

Print and download your invoice

Clicking on 'Print' will bring up a printer dialogue box if you have a printer configured. This will allow you to print your electronic invoice. You can also download a PDF version of your electronic invoice at any time.


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